Aerobotics’ actions to help its customers and employees affected by COVID-19

A roundup of measures Aerobotics is taking to reduce the spread of the coronavirus and support our customers and team.

Important Note: The A-Team is here to support you

Please contact an Aerobotics representative in your region using the contact details below, who will be happy to provide you with information on how we can work together in line with your local policies.

We are keeping a close eye on changes from region to region and will be able to update you on how we can maintain our work together.

As we all continue to navigate the uncertainty of COVID-19, our customers, employees, and partners remain our top priority. Here are the steps we are taking to support our community while providing continuity of service at all times.

Serving our customers

We believe that our role in serving customers is a critical one and we want to make sure that our customers continue to get the best service possible.

The Aerobotics team is here to provide you with intelligent tools to inform your farming decisions. We are still fully operational in the following areas:

  • Drones are still flying and collecting data around the world.
  • Processing teams and systems are still operating and as always, delivering high-quality data and farm analytics to our users.
  • Business development and technical assistance departments are still available to assist you remotely. Contact details for our team can be found below.

Social distancing with our technology

Fortunately, our farm management technology offers tools that can be used to help you farm more effectively and remotely.

For example:

  • Remotely identify variance and early-stage problems in your farm on Aeroview
  • Scout, manage and communicate with your team remotely
  • Receive in-depth farm health analytics after a drone flight, without any social interaction needed

Requesting drone flights

Each country that we operate in has implemented different regulations for businesses during this period. Regulations are more restrictive in countries that are in states of “full lockdown”.

However, in most countries, governments have generally classified the Food and Agriculture sector as a critical or essential part of national infrastructure. Therefore businesses which operate in this sector are generally exempt from the restriction regulations and are encouraged to continue normal operations, so there is no interruption to the food supply.

Aerobotics provides an enabling service to businesses in the Food and Agricultural sectors, so our service is (in most countries) regarded as essential and therefore generally exempt from lockdown restrictions. This means that requesting a drone flight should not be an issue.

Depending on country-specific regulations, there may be cases where drone companies are only able to carry out agricultural surveys if they obtain an authorization issued by the relevant government or if they hold a permission letter from an essential/critical business, allowing them to travel to perform work for them.

We are monitoring each country’s specific requirements, and upon a request for a drone flight, will inform you if any specific authorizations or registrations are necessary before we can send a pilot to you. We are working with our pilot partners on a daily basis to make sure they are properly authorized to travel to you and act in line with local laws.

Drone Pilots and social distancing

No physical contact is required between farmers and Drone Pilots.

Pilots will continue to work independently on farms and only need to speak to farmers on the phone in order to arrange access.

Drone Pilots visiting farms are instructed by Aerobotics to take the necessary health precautions as outlined by WHO and by local governments.

Community support

Aerobotics is here to support you in both the good and tough times.

We recognize that being away from family and friends during this time can be difficult. Please reach out to our team if we can be of service and provide you with a sense of certainty during these uncertain times.

Caring for our employees

We are navigating these uncertain times together as a team and are ensuring that every member of our team is able to maintain good health while delivering for our clients.

All of our employees are working remotely and we have set them up to make sure they can provide great service from home.

Aerobotics employees that are showing signs of the coronavirus will receive the support they need in order to return to good health.

 Get in touch to find out more about the measures we are taking to support our customers. 
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