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Make every drop count with high resolution thermal imagery

Per tree insights together with thermal data is a powerful tool for picking up on transpiration variance to ensure optimal irrigation uniformity

Jason Reynolds at Booth Ranches has to say, "Aerobotics’ analytics have added a lot of value to Booth Ranches. Of all the aerial imagery services I have seen, the Aeroview platform is by far the most comprehensive and knowledgeable. Having the ability to see the influence of water stress on a per tree basis, and where exactly in the orchard it is, will allow us to best manage any irrigation-related issues we may encounter."

In a time when growers cannot afford to waste water, we have developed insights into irrigation so that early-stage corrections can be made. This will help to manage efficient water usage for every orchard on the farm. 

How it works 

Using thermal imagery, we measure the temperature of trees relative to their environment and how effectively they are transpiring. While single-point sensors are important (e.g. soil moisture probes), we’re measuring how irrigation varies across every tree in the block. 

In this example, we were able to identify and verify infield differences of 30% in output of the irrigation system within the block, affecting 390 trees. It's calculated with very high-resolution imagery on a first-of-its-kind per-tree level.

Aerobotics Transpiration Tool

Use these insights to plan infield actions that improve irrigation:

  • Pinpoint issues in both drip and micro-sprinkler irrigation systems – including leaks, clogged emitters, and pressure issues.
  • Optimize irrigation system design and scheduling for terrain and soil conditions.
  • Improve distribution uniformity of irrigation and fertigation.
  • Select the best locations for moisture probes and other point-source sensors.

As usual, our team is here to guide you on what actions to take from your insights to maximize your yields and ROI.

Request a demo to start monitoring your irrigation efficiency. 

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