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An Overview of your block performance

Effortlessly manage your farm with tree insights for each block, on one screen.

The Overview dashboard on Aeroview is a tool for farmers to prioritize their farm efforts, plan better and focus on blocks that are most in need of attention.

Tree insights for each farm can be downloaded and shared for convenient and efficient teamwork.

Tree insights from drone imagery

A drone flight with Aerobotics captures tree insights for your farm that include:

  • Number of trees
  • Number of missing trees
  • Tree Health
  • Tree Health Variation
  • Canopy Area
  • Canopy Area Variation

Overview presents per-block insights

Overview combines all of your tree insights to present a summary for each block.

Download and share

Now you can download all of your insights as a PDF or CSV to share with your team, stakeholders, agronomist, or technical consultant to inform decision-making and operations.

How Overview can improve our customers’ operations

  • Focus on the metrics that are the most important to you with sorting and filtering functions.
  • Compare blocks with ease so that you can see which blocks are weaker and prioritize where attention is needed.
  • Monitor the average Health and Canopy Area of your blocks over time to manage uniformity and ensure optimal production.

Get in touch to find out how the Overview feature can benefit your operations.

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