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Taking the guesswork out of Florida citrus

In the era of HLB, growing citrus in Florida is becoming increasingly difficult and many growers spend a lot of their time just trying to stay in business. With tight margins and economics that can be against you as a grower, it is more important now than ever to know your numbers when it comes to your groves. At Aerobotics, we offer a solution by providing precise grove data on tree counts and missing trees or skips, as well as data on tree canopy area, canopy volume, and tree health status based on NDVI and NDRE ratings. 

To gather this information, we scan your farm using high-resolution cameras attached to drones. This imagery is then processed using specialized software to deliver the data you need year-round on the Aeroview web app. 

Growers use Aeroview as a backbone for inventory management, whether you need accurate numbers for nursery orders, crop insurance submissions, or tax claims, among other use cases. Together, we work with your team to gear your data towards strategic decision-making, budgeting and crop forecasting. 

Reliable data saving you money and protecting your investment

Accurate information on your trees becomes critical when preparing your property tax and insurance submissions, from a tree count inventory to tree age data and grove acreage. 

Insuring your crops

When March/April rolls around, Florida growers use Aeroview to optimize insurance coverage and minimize costly errors related to overpaying or being underinsured. Our tree counts and age data can be generated and used to help you make more accurate submissions.

Submitting property tax data

When submitting your tax assessment, you want to ensure that your local property appraiser has up-to-date information on your groves. An inaccurate assessment can have a significant impact on your taxes. For example, unplanted grove acreage and non-reset skip areas are entitled to a minimum assessed valuation – saving you money if this information is quantified and documented. 

In addition to a tree inventory, we provide accurate data on net grove acreage, tree age category percentages, replacement tree and spacing numbers, significant pruning or topping, and tree removal by numbers and age categories.

Growers use our data to make important short, medium and long-term decisions backed by reliable data.

Get in touch with us today to see how we can benefit your operations. 

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